Tea Riot

Tea Riot’s founders, Laura and Steve Jakobsen, together are a mash-up of positive energy, charisma, artistry, and wellness. You’ll find those same qualities reflected in their line of natural energy beverages.

Their fresh and natural energy beverages are a blend of tea and cold pressed juice with no processed ingredients and no additional sugar. Each bottle contains natural caffeine and L-Theanine from organic tea, plus the juice nutrients from over 1 lbs of organic fruits, botanicals, and vegetables.

The ingredients of each blend combine to increase your energy level and to support various functional benefits like digestive health, immunity, focus, hydration, anti-inflammation.

The Tea Riot brand and products mirror the vibe of the beach town from which it was born, so they are edgy, authentic, vegan, organic, and non-gmo.

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California
Founder: Laura Jakobsen, Steve Jakobsen
Founded: 2016
Website: www.teariot.com
Instagram: @teariot