Sol-ti Founder, Ryne O’Donnell is building a business based on his passion for healthy living and sustainability.

San Diego base Sol-ti produces a growing line of beverages using high quality produce, superfoods, herbs, tea, plus CBD in one line.

Ryne’s commitment to healthy living and sustainability drove him to build a one-of-a-kind 15,000 square foot production facility to produce the first light filtered and glass bottled organic beverage in the marketplace.

Light filtration is a food safety innovation chosen to maintain the flavor and nutrients of the fresh juice and superfoods of Solti beverages. The glass bottles are an environmental decision to better sustain the planet and to provide an experiential upgrade for consumers.

Their beverages are always organic, raw, vegan and non-GMO. Sol-ti also donates 1% of revenue to Permaculture Planet – a mission-driven company that focuses on developing land using permaculture principles

Headquarters: San Diego, California
Founder: Ryne O'Donnell
Founded: 2016
Instagram: @drinksolti