Pocket Latte

For the past 5 years Chris Chun has been on mission to work for himself and to provide professional opportunities for his mother in return for the sacrifices she made as a single mother of 2.

Driven by those objectives he’s had varying levels of success with three other ideas, but it seems the 4th time’s a charm if his Pocket Latte brand/innovation/product continues on its current trajectory.

Pocket Latte is a convenient ready-to-eat coffee. It’s a solid bar of coffee that eats like a chocolate bar. It’s an energy bar crafted with real coffee that fits in your pocket. It’s a Pocket Latte.

The bars include cocoa butter like a chocolate bar, but not the cocoa powder or cocoa nibs. They each contain 100mg-150mg of coffee caffeine. Chris tried nearly 200 recipes in effort to get coffee to blend with cocoa butter in a pleasing way.

The bars are each made from 5-7 simple ingredients, are 70% organic, all-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, and soy-free.

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California
Founder: Chris Chun
Founded: 2018
Website: www.pocketlatte.com
Instagram: @pocketlatte