Moku is micro-activism, one delicious bite at a time. Matt Feldman, Moku’s founder, believes the food you eat is a great place to take effective action in improving our health and our planet.

Matt’s appreciation of traditional jerky, plant-based diet preferences, and his sensitivity to sustainability issues provided the fuel to create a new type of plant-based snack to rival meat-based jerky.

That’s why he partnered up with two culinary experts and created an innovative product that looks like bacon, tastes like jerky, but is made from mushrooms (along with pineapple, coconut, maple syrup, and other natural goodies). It’s not only a flavor match but a texture match to traditional jerky as well.

According to Matt, swapping one bag of traditional jerky with Moku saves 12 sq feet of land, 11 pounds of methane, and 107 gallons of water. With all the associated environmental impact of factory farming, this quickly adds up.

Moku is a vegan, paleo, non-gmo, soy-free, high-fiber, and minimally-processed jerky that’s sure to impress.

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
Founder: Matt Feldman
Founded: 2019
Instagram: @mokufoods