Kill Sauce

The secretive Los Angeles based Habanero Cartel is said to have formed in 2013. They operate in the shadows – not even a Linkedin profile exists. What we know for sure is their most recent product hit the streets in 2017 – it’s called Kill Sauce.

Kill Sauce is a line of culinary driven hot sauces ranging from traditional habanero and jalapeno ingredients to innovative ingredients like ghost pepper, blackberry, and pomegranate. The elixirs can be paired with tacos, eggs, burritos, hash browns, chicken, waffles, pizza,  buttered toast . . . People from LA to Paris have become hooked on these spicy concoctions.

Kill Sauce contraband are low in salt and sugar, contain no preservatives, and are non-gmo – courtesy of  Habanero Cartel.

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California
Founder: Ryan Demirjian
Founded: 2017
Instagram: @killsauce