Founder, Dave Burchianti is on a mission to bring healthy and happy refreshment to all through his brand Hubble (Healthy Bubble).

Dave has reinvented the everyday soda, except it’s not soda at all, instead it’s a new-style fresh and juicy sparkling beverage.

Hubble’s clean label concoctions are developed with an eye toward refreshment AND functionality. The current lineup utilizes ingredients like turmeric, watermelon juice, and ginger to boost immunity, hydration, and digestion.

They’ve also bucked conventional wisdom in figuring a way to utilize high pressure processing (HPP) on a carbonated beverage – no one is doing it. The result of avoiding heat pastuerisation is a beverage that possesses the full flavor of fresh juice with the added sensation of bubbles – they call it cold-pressed fizzy juice.

Headquarters: Los Angeles, California
Founders: Dave Burchianti
Founded: 2017
Instagram: @drinkhubble