Like many of us, Erica Liu Williams and her husband wanted a healthy snack to get through the cravings that come from dieting. But they quickly discovered that a lot of store-bought foods they thought were “healthy” had ingredients that were anything but.

That’s why Erica learned to bake her own granola. After a little experimenting, she came up with the recipe that was not only nutritious and satisfied her cravings—it was also downright delicious.

Erica tested her recipes’ mettle in local farmer’s markets. Mouths started watering and talking. The next thing Erica knew, she was providing Google buildings with her granola.

That’s how gr8nola was born. Made in small batches, gr8nola gives you high-quality and borderline addictive granola that’s also sustainable.

It also comes in a variety of flavors including one that’s said to taste like Oreos!

Gr8nola includes no additives, refined sugar, dairy, soy, or GMOs. Just rolled oats and simple, yummy ingredients with flavors that you’ll love.

Headquarters: SF Bay Area, California
Founder: Erica Liu Williams
Founded: 2013
Instagram: @gr8nola