Cereal Number

Anthony Mazzei hopes you’ll never eat a bowl of ordinary cereal again. Given the nostalgia associated with the cereals we love and grew up with, that’s a tall order, however; Cereal Number may have a shot.

Anthony and his team of “bakers and shakers” are obsessed with creating cereal flavors that never existed before.

They have, so far, created four inspired and unexpected flavor combinations, sourcing from a selection of premium real food ingredients like – thick rolled oats, puffed corn, corn flakes, coconut, macadamia nuts, banana, apples, pecans, almonds, honey, orange juice, cranberries, pistachios, pure vanilla extract, milk chocolate.

Their inspired recipes have inspired names – A1A, Apple π , Tropic Wonder, Magic Puff.

Always gluten-free and preservative free. In addition, the Cereal Number team is sensitive about sugar content and even has some very low sugar “savory” cereals in the works.

They guarantee you’ll love their cereal or you can send it back and they’ll eat it.

Headquarters: Sausalito, California
Founder: Anthony Mazzei
Founded: 2018
Website: www.cerealnumber.com
Instagram: @cerealnumber