Becca’s Petites

Founder, Becca Salmonson was inspired to create her snack mixes in order to help a friend in need. 

Her friend, undergoing treatment for cancer, craved a flavorful and nutrient rich snack to brighten his days.  After a great deal of research, recipe-making, and taste-testing Bouchées snack mixes were born to her friend’s delight.

She created a few more recipes and formalized her snack mixes under the brand name Becca’s Petites.

Bouchées snack mixes are a handcrafted, clean label combination of nuts, seeds, coconut flakes extracts, oils and seasonings.  Made in Northern California, they are certified vegan,  gluten-free,  grain-free, dairy-free, and kosher.

We’re big fans of the Flambeaux and Savoureux flavors.

Headquarters: San Rafael, CA
Founder: Becca Salmonson
Founded: 2016
Instagram: @beccaspetites